Choosing sliding doors for your patio    

Help & Advice: Choosing sliding doors for your patio    

Choosing sliding doors for your patio    

A contemporary finish to your extension or renovation, sliding patio doors have proven to be an excellent alternative to bifold doors. Suitable for both small and large openings, sliding patio doors are a contemporary twist, with minimal sightlines and large panes of glass which fully break the barriers between inside and out. By blending your interior and outdoor space, the advanced running gear mechanisms enable you to operate the doors with ease and can also offer space saving opportunities, with no space taken up inside or outside when the doors are opening.

In this article, we explain why modern sliding patio doors are the perfect addition to your extension or home renovation and how they can transform the feel of your home by making even small spaces look larger.

Why choose glass sliding patio doors?

Sliding patio doors are a worthwhile investment for several reasons. Slender frames, combined with large panes of glass can flood your property with natural light brightening up even the darkest corners of your home.

Whether you are looking to increase light in an existing space or want to create an open-plan kitchen area that flows into your outside areas, patio sliding doors can be suitable for both all widths of opening, no matter now narrow or wide and can allow you to access your garden and patio area with ease. Large glass panels can be effortlessly moved to the side thanks to high-performance stainless steel running gear.

Available in a variety of configurations, from double sliding and triple sliding patio doors, SUNFLEX UK glass sliding patio door panels can be manufactured up to 3m wide, with overall systems that can reach up to 24 metres. Choose from popular colours, such as grey or black, with minimal frames between the glass of just 20mm or 30mm, to find doors that truly reflect your personal style.

How much do sliding doors cost?

The price of sliding patio doors will depend on a number of factors, such as their size, configuration, glass specification and the system you choose. SUNFLEX UK sliding doors are built with the highest standards of quality and performance, underpinned by over 20 years’ experience, making us industry leaders in the market.

Types of sliding patio doors

We offer a range of aluminium sliding patio doors that are suitable for both small- and large-scale projects and are available in the widest choice of configurations of any sliding door system on the market – ensuring you get the doors that suit your home perfectly.

Ultra slim sliding doors

SUNFLEX UK SVG20 and SVG30 ultra-slim sliding doors  are manufactured with sightlines of either 20mm or 30mm, allowing for almost uninterrupted views through the doors.

Built to your exact needs and requirements, SUNFLEX UK range of bespoke sliding patio doors are equally at home in urban or rural areas.  With an innovative flush-floor detail that allows the internal and external floor to be built up the height of the track, the system not only complies with Building Regulations Part M, it can also provide a seamless transition between inside and out without compromising on thermal performance.

Pocket sliding doors

Although sliding doors are often used for larger scale projects to provide that ultimate ‘wow’ factor, smaller properties can also enjoy what small sliding patio doors have to offer. Suitable for smaller entryways, SUNFLEX UK pocket sliding patio doors contain a multitude of benefits, and are an attractive, clever alternative to traditional bifold doors.

Unlike many doors which swing outwards, or take up significant room by design, these doors can effortlessly slide into a pocket on the internal side of the wall to create a complete unobstructed opening. Situated on a twin or triple track, pocket doors can be developed with a single panel door, up to a centre-opening set where the doors slide into pockets at either end spanning a massive 18m wide.

Open corner sliding patio doors

With their ability to completely open up a corner of a room to breakdown the boundaries between inside and out and provide panoramic views out in to the garden then our SVG20 and SVG30 open corner sliding patio doors can offer a key design feature in your home.

At SUNFLEX UK, our aluminium corner sliding doors can be installed under a cantilevered roof creating a stunning floating corner, with large glass panels and slender sightlines maximising the view out.

Providing full panoramic views of the local landscape, even when closed, corner sliding doors offer a range of benefits and give the illusion of endless space, perfect for those who wish to fully utilise their patio area with friends and family throughout the summer months.

Advanced performance

When purchasing sliding doors for your patio, you will want a varied choice in aesthetic design, alongside a number of key features that can guarantee your patio doors can offer superior protection from the seasonal elements and offer long-lasting durability.

At SUNFLEX UK, our sliding doors are independently tested to severe weather rating performance, so can be used in both urban and exposed locations. Additionally, SUNFLEX UK sliding patio doors are manufactured from thermally broken aluminium frames, offering exceptionally low U-values from just 1.2W/m²K, ensuring your home remains cosy and warm in the colder months and, thanks to solar control glass options, avoid the rooms over heating in the middle of summer.

Find your ideal sliding patio doors with SUNFLEX

With access to a wide range of sizes and configurations, find out how SUNFLEX bespoke aluminium patio sliding doors can enhance your existing space or renovation.  You can search for your closest showroom using our postcode finder tool.

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