Corner sliding doors

Open up a corner of your home

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Sliding doors that create completely open corners

Designed with an integrated corner post, our floating corner sliding doors can be slid back to create a completely open corner that allows your home to connect with your garden to create the appearance of a room that never ends.

The option to create a completely open corner utilising our aluminium sliding door technology has been available for more than 10 years and in that time we have tested and refined the systems to combine the effortless performance and much sought-after look.

Whether you opt to completely cantilever the roof above the doors or incorporate a structural post set inside the doors, the appearance of the corner of the room is that the roof floats above the opening, creating a real ‘wow’ factor and centrepiece of your build.

SUNFLEX UK Sliding Door Brochure
  • Seamless transition The addition of cover plates that sit over unused tracks; the divide between inside and out when the doors are opened is almost seamless.
  • Tried and tested We have been designing corner opening sliding doors for more than a decade, ensuring the systems are tried and tested, whatever the system.
  • Advanced security as standard All of our corner opening sliding doors meet and exceed the requirements of the prestigious Secured by Design™ award as well as exceeding the requirements of PAS 24:2016 testing as standard.
  • A choice of systems Available as an option on all of our SVG20, SVG30 or SVG83 aluminium sliding door systems, giving you complete flexibility.
Secured by Design PAS 24 Made in Britain
  • Add a real statement piece of design to your home
  • Ideal for creating completely panoramic views
  • Large glass panels and slim frames ensure the doors have a stunning appearance even when closed

Why choose a SUNFLEX UK open corner sliding door?

SUNFLEX UK has led the glazing industry in innovation and design for more than two decades. Whilst the demand for open corners may be a more recent trend, we have been manufacturing systems with this functionality for extension renovation and new-build projects, ensuring those who choose our doors don’t just get a system that looks incredible, but also one that performs perfectly time after time, year after year.

SUNFLEX UK Sliding Door Brochure

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