Glass roof lanterns

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Contemporary glass roof lanterns

Finish off the contemporary look of your extension by having a frameless glass lantern roof system specially designed by SUNFLEX UK.

Designed with modern square edged profiles that sit out of sight when viewed from below, our frameless roof lanterns maximise light whilst adding height to the flat roof of an extension, renovation or new build home.

  • Maximise your opening Available as a frameless lantern for openings up to 1.5m wide and 3m in length to truly maximise the amount of light in your room.
  • Easy to install and maintain All of our glass roof lanterns are designed to provide straightforward installation and easy maintenance, including a self-cleaning coating to the glass.
  • Framed lanterns available For larger roofs or for lanterns that require openings, you can opt for one of our slim-framed roof lantern systems.
  • Protection from the sun All of our lanterns are supplied with clear toughened solar control glass sealed units as standard to provide protection from direct sunlight.
  • Add height to a room
  • Fill your home with natural light all year around
  • Fill your home with natural light all year around

Why choose a SUNFLEX UK roof lantern?

Our frameless glass lantern skylights are the perfect option for those creating a contemporary home.

With no visible frame, the roof lanterns combine stunning appearance with advanced thermal performance and the attention to detail that you would expect of a SUNFLEX UK product.

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