Flat rooflights

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Minimalist flat roof lights

Our contemporary glass rooflights provide a stunning unobstructed opening with the thermally-broken aluminium frame sitting outside of the opening and completely hidden when viewed from below.

Perfect for flat or pitched roofs and available in fixed or opening designs, the minimalist look ensures that the maximum amount of light reaches the room below throughout the year.

  • Single or multiple glass units Single glass units up to 2.5m² in size or opt for multi-unit configurations for larger openings.
  • Fixed or opening Opt for fixed roof lights or choose a manual, electric or thermostatically controlled opening to suit your home.
  • Sound protection Ideal for urban locations with a 32mm double glazed unit delivering a noise reduction of 34dB.
  • Easy to maintain Our flat roof lights are produced with toughened solar control glass with a self-cleaning coating as standard.
  • Custom made to your exact size and specification
  • Frame hidden completely from view
  • Solar control glass with self-cleaning coating fitted as standard

Why choose a SUNFLEX UK flat roof light?

With no visible frame when viewed from below our stunning flat roof lights make the most of the natural light to create enable you to create a bright, modern living space below.

Designed with a frame that extends 45mm beyond the upstand to ensure advanced protection from wind and rain, our roof lights are independently tested for severe weather performance.

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