Contemporary extension to traditional Victorian home

The owners of this Victorian property on the edge of the Peak District wanted to make a statement when they planned an extension for their traditional home and the end result does exactly that as the predominantly glazed structure, with white render and angular design, acts as a stark contrast to the red brick of the existing house.

The vision behind the project was to create a better connection between the house and its garden, whilst allowing for a large open-plan living space and kitchen that was filled full of natural light. To achieve this architect designed in huge floor-to-ceiling SVG30 sliding doors that measure more than 2.7m high, with a large centre-opening set opening up towards the garden and a pair of two-panel sets on the returns either side.

To provide a connection between the modern and traditional elements of the home fixed frame windows act as a glazed link, allowing each structure to appear as almost a separate entity from the outside whilst remaining a continuous flow through the inside.

In order to provide the seamless connection between inside and out that was such a key goal of the project the design called for the same stone flooring in the kitchen as on the patio and with the track of the SVG30 doors completely recessed into the floor the end result is an almost seamless transition between inside and out.

With a large amount of glass on a south-west facing elevation getting the glass specification right to avoid overheating the space in direct sunlight was key. The homeowners and architects opting for a tinted, solar-control glass that allows for light transmittance whilst reducing the solar-gain, ensuring the room remains usable all year around – even at the height of summer.

Location: Peak District, Derbyshire
Product/s: SUNFLEX UK SVG30 sliding doors – 3 sets of doors, 2 two-panel sets and a large four-panel set – RAL7016 Anthracite Grey
Distributor: Aluxi

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