Art Deco bifold doors prove the perfect solution for Essex extension

After months of searching for the right door system for their extension, this young family from Essex found the perfect solution for their extension with SUNFLEX heritage style aluminium bifold doors from The Burgess Group.

Location: Colchester, Essex
Product/s: SUNFLEX heritage style aluminium bifold doors
SUNFLEX UK Distributor: The Burgess Group

Having opted to extend their family home to create the additional space required as their kids grew up Mr & Mrs Lawson had a clear idea about almost every element of their project, from the must-have kitchen island to the exposed brickwork, but they struggled to agree on the choice of doors to provide a connection between home and garden.

“My husband wanted bi-folds, I wanted the steel industrial look without it being too obvious, the SUNFLEX bifold doors were the perfect compromise.”

With bifold doors offering the perfect configuration to create the connection required, the discussion then turned to finding a system that enabled them to create the Art Deco steel look using aluminium bifold doors.

“They create the wow factor, our bit of luxury.  Whenever anyone comes around it’s the first thing they notice. I’m so glad we paid that little bit extra because you can tell the quality”

The finished project was designed to incorporate a 5-panel system with the doors opening and stacking to the right creating, thanks to the low-threshold track detail, an almost seamless transition between inside and out. Opting for an odd number of panels allows the lead door of the system to be used to access the garden without needing to open up the entire set.

“I’m surprised how often we have them open.  It’s so easy to do!  I thought it would be more for the adults, but it’s great for the kids too.  Sometimes we open 3 of the panels and not all 5.”

Images of the project used with the permission of The Burgess Group and must not be reused without express prior permission.

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