Upgraded Stainless Steel for Sliding Door Handles

Help & Advice: Upgraded Stainless Steel for Sliding Door Handles

Upgraded Stainless Steel for Sliding Door Handles

As a result of impressive performance in testing, even in the harshest of locations, we have made the decision to upgrade all of the stainless steel handles and hardware that we offer on our SVG sliding doors to 316 Marine Grade stainless steel.

Widely used in the maritime industry 316 Marine Grade stainless steel provides significantly increased resistance to corrosion and durability (compared to 304 grade stainless steel, zinc and brass) even in the harshest of coastal locations.

Speaking of reasons behind the move Will Mitchell, SUNFLEX UK Trade Account Manager, said:

“We pride ourselves on manufacturing and supplying some of the most advanced glazing products on the market so it makes sense that we would offer the hardware to match. We’ve tested the marine grade stainless steel and it looks and performs like new regardless of the location the doors are installed in.

The change of material used has necessitated minor cosmetic design changes to the handles and hardware, but we feel the contemporary designs and performance of the new furniture will prove popular across the country and not just in coastal locations.”

  • For more information about the new hardware and to request a sample call us on [ld_default] or via email at info@sunflexuk.co.uk.
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