The SUNFLEX UK Online Quote and Ordering System

Help & Advice: The SUNFLEX UK Online Quote and Ordering System

The SUNFLEX UK Online Quote and Ordering System

Twelve months after its initial phased launch the SUNFLEX UK online quote and ordering system has proven to be a hugely popular resource – and the feedback hasn’t just been from our trade customers, in one of our recent BSI audits it was described as ‘one of the most advanced system in the industry’.

The reception has more than justified the significant investment that we made in the software and we know our customers value the ease with which they are able to obtain prices and place orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

According to our customers the major benefits of the online system are:

  • Prices can be accessed straight away
  • Quotations can be revised and updated instantly
  • The system can save customer preferences when quoting
  • It has more information, up to date options and has more safeguards built in
  • Reduces the time taken to process orders
  • Improves accuracy of orders and lead times
  • Detailed specification and options included so you know the exact price of the order before submitting it
  • Online chat available for immediate answers

The next steps

With more than a year’s experience of processing orders like this our team are now able to handle any questions and enquiries that you may have. As part of the process of moving to a completely online system we withdrew traditional order forms earlier this year and these are all now obsolete. From 1st October 2017 the final step of the process kicks in and we will only be accepting orders via the online system.

Training and support

Whilst the vast majority of our customers are already using the system we appreciate that this will mean changes for some and for that reason we are offering refresher training, either face-to-face or remotely and we are building a library of training resources and videos to assist you as you get used to the system.

We would still send an order confirmation after you submit your order to us, with the manufacturing process only commencing once you have signed this order confirmation off – giving you the chance to check your order one final time.

Logging in

If you need to setup login details for the first time or required the information to be resent please let us know and we will send these across immediately. You can call us call us on [ld_default] or email

The small print

Please note currently the following systems cannot be priced or ordered online including:

  • SVG35 and SVG83 sliding doors with extended tracks
  • SUNFLEX HSW range
  • SUNFLEX UK Roofs

More complicated orders such as movable corner posts can be ordered online including the majority of the information however accompanying information would need to be sent separately to confirm the design.

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