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Why are bifold doors so popular?

Over the past 15 years bifold doors have soared in popularity thanks to the lifestyle trend for open-plan living spaces and creating a connection between home and garden. SUNFLEX has been designing and manufacturing folding door solutions in Germany for more than 35 years and as a result we are expertly placed to offer advice and ideas on what to look for in a bifold door system. Home design inspiration Modern building design has allowed for larger apertures to be constructed, meaning that bifold doors, which break down the barriers that ordinarily define your inside and outside spaces, became a stylish…

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Modern home renovation trends

With a 20% rise in granted planning applications between December 2020-2021, demands for extensions and home renovations continue to grow as the UK recovers from the impact of COVID-19. However, with the increased cost of living, homeowners are also on the hunt for long-term value – practical designs and features that can transform their existing space to accommodate ever-changing needs, from growing families to remote working opportunities. As styles and designs evolve, we have looked at some growing trends in extensions and renovations that offer value for money while meeting the needs of the modern homeowner. Changing attitudes, changing technology The…

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Weather tightness of doors – what you should know

Weather performance – an introduction Unlike thermal performance, there is no minimum standard required under Building Regulations for weather performance and as a result the range of performance across various door systems and manufacturers varies greatly. When we talk about weather performance we are looking at the protection that doors offer from drafts (air permeability), rain (water tightness) and wind (wind load). Every set of door on the market should be tested, but with no minimum standards required it is the test figures themselves that offer the best indication of the quality and performance of the systems. How are doors and…

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The Benefits of Corner Sliding Doors

From giving your home more space, to improving its look, sliding doors can bring a whole host of benefits. Here at SUNFLEX, we’ve outlined all the ways they can enhance your home.    Sliding Doors can Create Floating Corners  Currently one of the most popular architectural trends in the industry, floating corners add an element of mystique to your space.  Floating corners utilise sliding doors, adding them to rooms to give the impression that the ceiling corner is floating effortlessly. Floating corners use steel structures, or posts, to support the ceiling opening up the room in a unique and innovative way. …

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The Benefits of Pocket Sliding Doors

Looking to spruce up the interior design of your home? If the answer is yes, then pocket sliding doors are worth your consideration. Coming in all shapes and sizes, pocket sliding doors can enhance every room of your home due to their functional yet creative design. Typically, pocket sliding doors are implemented with a sliding track on the ceiling – allowing the doors to seamlessly slide from side to side. They also come in a wide range of materials with wood, MDF and aluminium sliding doors all available.  The team at SUNFLEX have put together this helpful article which will outline…

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Become an accredited distributor

If you are in the glazing trade join our distributor programme today and you’ll receive discounts on select showroom models, the choice of over 40 products for your inventory, and training and technical support directly from SUNFLEX UK.