LEKA GRP warm roofs

LEKA GRP Warm roofs

Unique ultra-thermally efficient lightweight warm roof system, perfect for newly built extensions and renovation projects or for replacement conservatory roofs.


In keeping with our heritage of supplying industry leading products, SUNFLEX UK has selected to manufacture and supply the most advanced Warm Roof solution on the market. The patented LEKA roof system has been engineered to to provide a solid roof solution, and because it is designed from glass reinforced plastic (GRP) it is light enough that it does not require structural engineers or third party builders to install.

SUNFLEX UK has been appointed as an exclusive manufacturer of the LEKA system, utilising our skills and experience of more than seventeen years of manufacturing industry-leading, high quality products for the glazing industry.


  • Engineered through innovative and patented methods to create the best warm roof system available
  • Half the weight of equivalent timber or aluminium systems
  • Thermally efficient - overall U-value of just 0.15W/m²K
  • Can be designed to match all existing roof size, shapes and pitches
  • Select your finished roof surface and optional roof windows
  • Available for retro-fit or new build installation
  • Creates usable space all year round
  • No requirement for builder or structural engineer

For replacement roofs, the existing glass and rafters are removed and in their place exclusive GRP beams are installed to the existing frame - for new builds the rafters are added to to the finished wall or door system. Under these rafters the advanced Leka sheets are added, these sheets are 100% waterproof and have unique thermal qualities, whilst allowing a traditional plaster finish to paint on the interior surface.

Insulated Celotex sheets are fitted with a 15mm gap from the Leka sheets and provide high value thermal efficiency, with load bearing and insulated outer sheets installed on top. Finally a high quality roofing finish is added, with either a Tapco or Metrotile in a range of colour options offering a classic roof look that is consistent to existing roofing finishes.


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