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The Leka warm roof and orangery roof systems

The innovative Leka roof systems, manufactured by SUNFLEX UK, provide unrivalled lightweight, solid conservatory roof and orangery systems, through extensive development, patented innovation and exclusive design.

For nearly twenty years SUNFLEX UK has sourced the most advanced home improvement products available for its customers, from German manufactured bifold doors to slim aluminium sliding doors.  For the last two years we have been researching the emerging market for replacement conservatory roofs, in that time we have evaluated every product on the market, stripped it down to component parts and understood its strengths (and in many cases weaknesses), what quickly became obvious was that there was one system that stood head and shoulders above the rest, and for that reason we are proud to announce our new partnership with Leka.

The Leka GRP Warm roofs and Orangery roofs are not only superior in design, but with its lightweight construction it offers a multitude of options not available to other products on the market - as well as offering ease and speed of installation.

About the Leka roof

Why choose the Leka system? 

Truly Lightweight

The LEKA system is unique, it is a truly lightweight solid roofing system. The use of glass reinforced plastic (GRP) within the structure ensures that it is considerably lighter than alternative products on the market, indeed other products can actually weigh almost twice as much as traditional glass conservatory roof.

Glass reinforced plastic

Using GRP for the main structural roof rafters offers a significantly lighter alternative to aluminium and timber. GRP is not at risk of cold bridging or condensation like aluminium, nor is can it absorb moisture. Nor is GRP open to wood worm, moisture absorption or potential rotting such as timber. The  structural profiles are manufactured and comply with BS EN13706.

No exterior plywood needed

Replacing plywood (usually used within roof construction and susceptible to deterioration) with the new lightweight, 100% waterproof, structural insulated LEKA boarding system improves the longevity of the system and the overall U-value of the finished roof.

LEKA insulated internal board

Weighing just a third of traditional plasterboard the LEKA insulated finishing board provides the internal face of the roof prior to plastering. Not does it weigh less, the insulated nature of the board offers significant improvements on the thermal performance of the roof compared to traditional finishing methods.

No structural reinforcements

On average a LEKA system roof will weigh only  30-40kg more than a traditional conservatory glass roof, allowing (in most cases) the existing structure of the conservatory frames to take the weight of the LEKA roofing system.

Improved energy efficiency

With the LEKA roof utilising an outer sheet that is load bearing, structural insulated and weatherproof it is possible to construct the roof using fewer roofing bars, meaning the rafters can be spaced further apart, significantly increasing the proportion of insulation used within the roof structure.

Genuine innovation

The use and combination of innovative products throughout the roof structure means the LEKA system has less elements to install on-site which speeds up installation (and as such reduces costs). An average installation will take 2-3 days to complete including removal of the existing conservatory roof.

40 year warranty

Using Metrotile lightweight sheet or a Tapco slate alternative for the external finish of the roof contributes to the lightweight nature of the system. Combined with the innovative nature of the roof this ensures the system offers better lifespan than alternate systems. We are so confident in the system that it comes with a 40 year parts warranty.


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