Timber clad aluminium - SF55c-HSW

Timber clad aluminium moveable wall - SF55c-HSW

The SUNFLEX SF55c-HSW moveable glass wall system includes a thermally broken aluminium frame and internal timber cladding. Utilised mainly for commercial applications such as offices, retail units where flexible spaces need to be opened up or partitioned. The internal timber cladding gives the ideal combination of natural timber on the inside with maintenance free aluminium on the outside.

Individual sliding panels with a single track design. The stacking bay in the top track allows all panels to completely disappear providing a 100% clear opening.  No bottom track required as this is a top running system. Ideal for a car show room where cars will be running over the threshold or when the floor is simply best left uninterrupted.    

Achieve the best of both worlds with our slimline SF55c-HSW, aluminium doors that have internal timber cladding. Enjoy the warmth and natural beauty of the internal timber whilst benefiting from the maintenance free aluminium externally. SUNFLEX provides slim composite doors as our design is an aluminium door with internal timber cladding rather than the old style of a timber door with external aluminium cladding. Slim sight-lines, a choice of three internal timber styles and handles in line with the door frame help make these the best looking composite doors available.

  • Double glazed 1.0W/m2K centre pane U-Value = Overall frame and glass 1.6W/m2K.
  • This system accommodates a glazing unit of 28mm.
  • Acoustic performance tested at Rw=36dB. Further upgrades available.
  • Maximise your opening with panel widths up to 1200mm and 3000mm maximum panel height.
  • Choice of DDA compliant (Document M) flush track recessed in to the floor, alternatively no bottom track with rods engaging in to floor sockets. Bottom of the panel has twin brush pile and a nylon strip to help close the gap between panel and floor/track.
  • Finger cushioning gasket situated on the edge of each door. This double gasket seal provides a cushioning effect if fingers were to be trapped. Making these doors safer than conventional, internal, single wooden doors that do not come with finger cushioning gasket.
  • Three different parking bays to choose from. The panels can simply stack to 90°, create a 100% clear opening by stacking 180° or disappear in to a cupboard. See these track details in section details in ‘Downloads’.
  • When panels are closed together the sight-line is only 118mm maximising your view and the light in to your home.
  • Modern slimline aluminium square edged profiles throughout. No external rounded or chamfered profiles.
  • A choice of three internal timber designs to choose from plain, square or moulded, choose the one to match the look and feel of your room or to match up to other windows.
  • All handles are finished in-line with the door frame providing an uninterrupted view through the glass.
  • Aluminium framework is assembled with patented moulded internal corner blocks and machine mitred at the corners rather than the cheaper butt jointed alternatives.
  • Each panel has hidden top and bottom shoot bolt locking. First opening panel has five-lever Euro profile cylinder complying to British Insurance Standards and BS3621.
  • Internally glazed as standard preventing the glass being easily removed from the outside.
  • Slim 8mm gasket between panels so nothing substantial can be levered between the panels.
  • If not required ask for no key lock to the outside of the doors. Offers the doors a cleaner look externally and less opportunity for any potential burglar. 
  • Toughened safety glass would be used as standard making this hard to smash but this can be upgraded to laminated security glass.
  • Five standard aluminium frame colours, Silver Anodised EV1, or in semi-gloss: Anthracite Grey RAL 7016, Grey Aluminium RAL 9007, White Aluminium RAL 9006, Traffic White RAL 9016.
  • Choose from over 200 aluminium frame colours available including brushed steel, textured, woodgrain and extreme marine protection.
  • Internal timber is Nordic Pine (softwood), Mernati (hardwood) or upgraded to American White Oak. Supplied fully finished with a Sikkens timber stain or painted to a RAL colour. Alternatively, for Oak timber, Tung oil can be used to bring out the natural beauty of the grain.
  • Handles are designed to almost disappear when colour matched to the aluminium frame or can be made a feature in stainless steel.
  • For powder coated aluminium we recommend a marine treatment if you are within 5000m of the coast or around a swimming pool/chemical environment. We pre-anodise the aluminium frames making them porous and then quickly after this the frames are powder coated which is absorbed in to the frame. This ensures excellent adhesion of the paint to the aluminium and along with a cleaning regime is the best possible protection for powder coated aluminium doors in this environment. Not many companies offer pre-anodising as a marine finish. Alternatively we can provide the frames in a silver anodised finish as standard which does not have a painted surface and does not need the marine treatment.
  • Create a unique look to your property with faceted/curved sets.
  • The top track design enables panels to open around corners creating clear openings to many elevations.
  • Vertical and horizontal mid-rails to divide the glass or plant on bars stuck on the glass for a more traditional look.
  • An integrated single access door with latch can be requested anywhere within the moveable wall.
  • Top track can be recessed in to the ceiling with horizontal wings on either side.


Optional door

Optional separate pass door available, as a single door or French-style door

Mushroom-head lock

Mushroom-head lock for optimal tightness and increased burglar resistance

Locks & handles

Different kinds of locks and handles available


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