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Marketing consultation

As part of a review of our marketing activity we are planning a consultation with our trade customers about how best we can help you to sell SUNFLEX UK products. The initial stage of our review will focus on our new brochure and online channels, to allow us to identify what information you find beneficial and how you make use of it.

It is our aim to work with each individual trade customer to understand their resources, experience and requirements to enable us to put together a marketing package that will support them and to grow their business. Working like this will allow us to better understand what proves most effective and to share this best practice with other trade partners.

Showroom branding

We treat each and every showroom individually, after all you know best what works best for your customers. We'll assist with product descriptions, high-quality project images on canvases and whatever else is needed to bring your showroom to life.

Printed marketing material

We produce a wide range of brochures and product flyers which are available for you to make use of, both in traditional print format but also as digital files that you can make available to download or email to your potential customers.

Digital marketing

The internet never stands still. The SUNFLEX UK website is a year old and we have been hard at work updating it, adding new functionality and learning from the visitors to the website and how they use it. When it comes to PPC advertising, social media and digital publications we are also building a pattern of what generates both interest in the product and also produces leads that we can pass on exclusively to our trade customers.

We appreciate that not every trade customer has the resource to manage and update their website and digital marketing activity in-house, and therefore it is our aim to provide you with as much support as possible in order that you can grow your business and ultimately sell more SUNFLEX UK products.

Images of products

We have an exclusive high resolution image library for our trade customers, so you can select product pictures for your own digital or printed marketing material. These images will be shared on a free of charge basis for a limited period of time (normally two years), and the library will be refreshed constantly allowing you to update and improve your marketing activity going forward.

In order to refresh and update our image library we are committed to commissioning professional photography of a selection of projects that best show off our systems, or are of specific architectural or geographical significance. If you believe an installation of yours is suitable for professional photography, and the home-owner has given consent, please send us an email to with as much information as possible and we will select a number for photography and make the necessary arrangements.


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